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We Offer Guest Post Service

We welcome all types of digital marketing content. If you want to publish your content then please take a look at our guidelines and please make sure your draft will follow all the guidelines and writing styles.

Guest Post Guidelines –

You can e-mail us at our e-mail address we prefer a rough draft or google document.

Note: only 1 do-follow link allowed in single post

  • Focus Keyword
  • Meta title and description
  • Article heading -H1 and sub-heading -H2
  • Anchor tag.
  • Brief introduction
  • Image ( pixel ) (Resize and Compress Image)
  • Alt attribution
  • no errors and grammar mistakes.
  • Image Sources and references.
  • Do Proper SEO of your post
  • Formatting Should be Good (we receive lots of articles, so we can’t make formating so do yourself)
  • After publishing content please share it on your social media pages/ profile

What we do for Posting

  • Our editor will review your submissions. They will decide the quality of the contents.
  • The feedback of the editor will decide whether your content should be published or not and get back to you.
  • If we accept your submissions then we work on them and publish them.
  • After publishing the content we will send you the published link of your submissions via E-mail else if you are a registered user then you can see them via the login.

email: this.is.danish78(at)gmail(dot)com