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How Local SEO Help in Your Local Area

Nowadays online searching in your local area like for food, medical help, groceries, online inquiries, etc, etc, everything is increasing! Me & You are also one of them who gets online services from your local business providers. But, Do you know how it’s possible to get relevant results according to your queries?

Let me tell you, how it is possible.

Hi Everyone, I am Digital Danish, A young & inspired digital marketer. I love to share idea, online marketing strategy to get you business higher.

We were talking about the online local marketing strategy. In online local marketing strategy, we can consider various types of activities like Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Google Ads & more.

But now, here I will only talk about only Local SEO Strategy, which helps you understand how it helps in your surrounding area. Right?

Let’s suppose when you search on Google for “Sandwich Shop” OR “Sandwich Delivery Near You” whatever related to your query. Then you found lots of matching results on your screen.

How Local SEO for your website

Then what do you do? you know well! You try to found shop numbers, email OR click on the website. Do you know how? Because of Local SEO Optimization.

Here I am going to Share Major Local SEO Strategy

Create a Google My Business Account for your Business

After creating Google My Business Account then optimize your page according to guidelines and given instruction. Once you fulfill your details and other information your business appears on Google SERP and Google Map after verification.

To keep your Business Map up, a best way is, start to give quality service then users will love you and then submit reviews on your behalf. Because

When customer love you then Google love you.

Build Location-Based Pages

Your business is local, but also you provide service in the nearest location. It will be good, if you have local pages that will be easy to rank & understand for users.

Generate Local News & Content

Write articles base on location & also add some stories/ Events to engage your customers.

Because apart from service people also love to get news & update about them.

Work on Local Keyword

Most Important, never forget to work on your local keywords. Always update your local keywords with post, you can use in post’s title and description also can add in alt text (Image Text too).

Update Post on Your Google Map Business Profile

For regular crawling keep updating your Google Map Profile. Add images, videos with your local targeted keywords. Give a reply to your review too. Doesn’t matter it’s a positive OR negative review. If positive then good if negative then work on that issue.

Digital Danish

I am a digital marketer and a blogger specializing in Search Engine Optimization, social media, and personal branding. I have always had something in me that advanced towards the grain of working to improve what I specialize in. I am an enthusiast working in the digital marketing industry. As a newbie, it might be tough to embrace hardships in the beginning but, I believe it is always a great experience to learn through it.

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