Check Trending Topics on Google

How to Check Trending Topics on Google?

-The answer is, ‘check trending topics through tools.’

If you are an online business owner aspiring to create and publish trending and relevant content but do not know where to start, this column might be your need of the hour. 

Wondering why?

Read on to find out.

With the technologies evolving constantly to ease our stress, there’s nothing that a tool isn’t available for. Chances are, you have already heard about the tools that guide SEO optimization, keyword analysis, SEO auditing, and more. But did you know that there are tools for topic inspiration too?

Yes, several platforms on the internet can help you find the trending topics from your niche. You can, thereafter, create content revolving around those trending topics and drive traffic. 

Check Trending Topics Through Tools

Every business out there exists only for two reasons. They are earning acknowledgment from the target customer and obviously, getting conversions that speak revenue. And much like the common tell-tale, the key to success in an online business is via availing services relevant and trending. 

Yes, you read just right. No matter how well-established your business is, the thumb rule remains the same – no visibility means no traffic and without traffic, there’s no conversion. Nobody shall invest their time in your business unless they are satisfied by your services. 

Tools to Check Trending Topics Online
Tools to Check Trending Topics Online

Having said that, let’s come to the pivot of the discussion. How to attract the web traffic and users, I mean. There are tens and hundreds of SEO tactics that shall be aiding well in the scenario. Webmasters across the globe have been spending their days explaining the same for a long time. They have brought into light countless tools to help you optimize your website. 

But amidst those tens and hundreds of optimization techniques, one thing remains constant in every SEO strategy. Guess what?

It is content creation. More specifically, the ideation and creation of content that attracts and engages the audience. While the other SEO methodologies might help you improve and perform well contemporarily, the original content shall assist in establishing a brand authority in your niche. It shall also build a long-lasting equation between you and your audience. Therefore, content creation is damn important. And might I mention, it is lots more complicated than preparing the monthly editorial calendar or formulating an SEO strategy?

Finding the Topic Inspiration!

Trending Topics Pave the Ideation of New Content
Trending Topics Pave the Ideation of New Content

If you are to start from scratch, you might come across even more rough patches. But that shouldn’t bother you, at least, when you know what you need to create. By creating, here I mean, not the form but the topic of your content. You already know your niche, right?

The next step is to find the best topics!

Now having read so far, you already know that you need to discover certain topics to create relevant content. But you should also know that there are two types of topics that you need to work on. The first is, the ones that are trending can attract and engage traffic on your platform, the second is the content relevant to the products and services you sell. 

For instance, if you are a digital marketing firm, you will most certainly publish content on trending topics, but you will also create content that elaborates your products and services. While creating content about your services is relatively easy, finding the trending topics can be a matter of discussion. You might wonder how to check trending topics on Google. 

Well, that’s the question I shall answer in the following blog. I shall discuss the means to check trending topics through tools. keep reading to discover how to check trending topics on Google.

What are Trending Topics?

Ever heard the terms ‘the latest trend,’ ‘it is in trend’ or, ‘trending’?

If yes, you might already know the road ahead of us. 

But do you know what trending means?

Trending Topics
Trending Topics are the Most Talked-About Topics of a Certain Time Period

The positive answer is well appreciated and for the uninformed, here’s your answer. The trending topics indicate something that is highly prominent and talked about online. When a topic is trending, it happens to be amidst the most-talked topics at the moment. A trending topic is usually displayed as a hashtag or a certain keyword or phrase. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are prominently known for keeping a track of trending topics. They display the current trending topics via hashtags. 

As a website owner, it is of utmost importance that you know about the most popular topics, especially that of your genre. It is even better to serve your audience with your insight on the same. Knowing about what is trending is a great help in creating quality content, without a doubt. So, here is a blog by Digital Danish on how to check trending topics on Google. 

The blog also lists and discusses the top 10 tools to find trending topics.   

How to Check Trending Topics on Google?

Do I make sense if I say, the answer to your question lies in the question itself?

Okay, let me explain my point!

What is Google?

A global search engine and an ideal platform to address all our queries, right? And it does its’ job just great. The platform has introduced several tools to assist us. And there’s a website called Google Trends that actually keeps a tab of trending topics. It does so by analyzing the search queries data from Google Search Engine. Google Trends is maintained and managed by Google, of course. 

So, Google Trends shall be your first stop to check trending topics through the tool. 

However, Google Trends isn’t your only knight in the war. There are several other means to check trending topics through tools. Here I have enlisted highly efficient sources to find what is trending on the web. 

Top 10 Tools to Find the Trending Topics

Nothing beats the original, quality content in a business. Thus, one of the best ways to engage your audience is via trending topics. Serve your audience with something from the current. And be mindful, not everything up on your platform has to be exclusively yours. Engaging the users via strategically organized trending topics works just as well. 

  • Google Trends
Google Trends
Check Trending Topics on Google Trends

Google Trends is, without a doubt, the personified epitome of Trending Topics Search Tools. If you are to find the most talked-about search topics across the internet, nothing outruns Google Trends. The website tracks the search trends globally. Analyzing the same provides you with immensely classified data on trending topics. The data is bifurcated into several categories including date range, geographic location, search type, and more for easy access.  

P.S.: I have eliminated Google Trends from the list of Top 10 tools to find the trending topics because I have dedicated a separate section to the same above. 

The following are the top 10 tools to find the trending topics on Google. 

·       Twitter

·       Youtube Trends

·       Reddit

·       Quora

·       Pinterest

·       Feedly

·       Buzzsumo

·       Buzzfeed


·       Trendwatchers

Let’s discuss each of the aforesaid tools in detail.

  1. Twitter
#TrendingOnTwitter: Check the list of trending topics on Twitter

The bluebird app needs no introduction, at all. It is, in fact, one of the most used applications worldwide. While it was initially designed as a microblogging platform, presently it is also an ideal tool to track what is trending. The application lists and displays the current trends on the homepage. 

Whether you are seeking a topic inspiration for your blog, exploring the latest cultural trends, or discovering the political mood, Twitter has to be your destination. 

On Twitter, you can look for global trends as well as country-specific trends via hashtags. 

  1. Youtube Trends
Youtube Trends
Find the Trending Topics on World’s Second Largest Search Engine via YouTube Trends

Youtube may have been launched as a video-sharing platform initially, but over time, it has grown up to be the second-largest search engine in the USA. It stands only next to Google. It is an incredibly handy resource to discover trending content and topics as well. 

Youtube offers a dedicated section for trending feeds. Here you discover the most trending video content. In the subcategories of the trending feeds, you find topics like music, news, movies, gaming, fashion, and more. This subcategorization helps you identify the current and latest trends from the specific areas. 

  1. Reddit
Reddit Makes Finding Trending Topics Easy and Convenient

Reddit is no new platform to us anymore. It is one of the highly popular discussions and debate platforms. On this website, people from different communities discuss and debate over every known topic every day. Users can vote the topics up and down as per their preference. The topics with the most upvotes are displayed on the homepage.

These topics are amongst the most talked about topics. Therefore, they are considered trending. Just one look at the Reddit homepage and you can get a good idea of what is trending. To make the exploration easier, you can visit the subreddits. The subreddits are like subcategories. 

So, instead of searching for relevant trending topics on the homepage, you can find the subpages dedicated to particular categories. 

  1. Quora
Quora is one of the Top Trending Topics Tools

Have you ever had a question you were seeking an answer to and Quora helped you?

I bet the answer is yes.

It provides its users with highly customized information feeds. While doing so, it encourages them to answer questions in their areas of expertise. The platform runs on the idea of sharing and growing the world’s knowledge. By creating a huge database of questions and answers, Quora keeps a tab on the most searched topics globally.

The users can browse the Top Stories feed on their homepage to explore the trending Quora content. They can search for specific keywords and phrases to identify the most popular content.  

  1. Pinterest
Find Trending Topics on Pinterest

How can Pinterest miss a rank on our list when it is designed to be a tool that serves the purpose of discovery of information?

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform that enables you to discover the things that are in trend via images. When almost every industry earns great perks and revenues with the help of Pinterest, so, why not you? 

Did you know that besides informing its users about the trending topics, Pinterest also shares monthly trending reports?

Now, if not anything, this report shall definitely help you in planning your monthly editorial calendar. And thereafter, creating content that is relevant and in trend. 

  1. Feedly
Feedly is Used to Track Trending Topics on Google

Before you ideate or create content on any trending topic, identify what your audience loves. Once you know the specifics, finding the right trending topic becomes so easy. You need not scroll through an extensive list of trending topics to find the right one, anymore. Because now you know what specific genre of content shall suffice your target audience.

Feedly is one of the most powerful tools to find trending topics. The platform helps you keep a tab of everything that is happening in your industry. It presents you with a chance to customize the list of categories that match your needs. Thereafter, it shows only the stories (recent and current stories) that go in hand. 

While the majority use the free version of the tool, you can enjoy a whole lot of additional services on the paid version. The paid edition of Feedly offers features like the ability to follow newsletters, news feeds, and social media platforms. 

  1. Buzzsumo
What’s the Buzz About: Find on Buzzsumo

If there is a trending topic search tool that can compete well with Youtube Trends, Buzzsumo it is.  

Buzzsumo is said to be an industry specialist when it comes to identifying the latest trending topics on the internet. It is, in fact, one of the best tools to find trending topics and viral content across social media platforms. You can discover the trending searches and content via video and question and answer (Q&A) websites. 

For the content creators looking for trending video content, Buzzsumo can show you which video is getting the highest views. 

  1. Buzzfeed
Buzzfeed: An Ultimate Platform to Find What’s Trending Online

Buzzfeed may not be a dedicated tool designed to assist you in finding trending topics. But it most certainly, is an ideal platform to find what is in trend. 

Buzzfeed initially grew to fame by publishing content on trending topics. That being said, you know that people at the backend are good at finding the trending topics, undoubtedly. Besides the content, the platform displays the listed Buzzfeed trends on the right side of the homepage. 

From the display, you can find the trending keywords and phrases and ideate your future content. 

  1. Keeps a Tab on both: the Trending Topics but their background

The not just keeps a track of the trending topics, it also offers thorough detail on every topic that is in the trends. The tool breaks the trending topic down in the following manner for better understanding:

  • What is the trending topic?
  • Why is it in trend?
  • The solution
  • Key personalities in light
  • Prediction
  • Opportunities
  • Key lessons
  • Negative viewpoints on the trend
  • Positive viewpoints on the trend
  • Additional resources for in-depth research

The community also offers an exclusive set of paid features. If you are seeking an even more detailed description of each topic, the Trends community also offers ways for you to collaborate with other members. is undoubtedly the best tool to give context and background to understand complex topics.  

  1. Trendwatchers
Watch What’s Trending with Trendwatchers

Trendwatchers are pretty much like the common trending topic tools. The tool allows you to follow the trends on the grounds of a category or keyword or phrase. However, there’s this one feature that differentiates Trendwatchers from its competitors. It is called the ‘Blog Topic Generator.’

The Blog Topic Generator feature of Trendwatchers allows a user to identify the trending topic. After identifying the trending topic, the tool allows you to apply the trend to a well-scripted template. The Trendwatchers has combined several other unique functionalities to serve the content creators. 

The tools listed above are undoubtedly the best to check trending topics through tools. But there are several more tools that are just as helpful. Some of them include:

  • Exploding Topics
  • SparkToro Trending
  • FrontPageMectrics
  • Trendhunter
  • Topsy

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